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Comment: downvote away!

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downvote away!

Hiding questions because we can't answer them... very libertarian...

Tell me, what nutrition expert (ignoring that his background is actually not nutrition) goes on TV and says "I eat sugar all day"?

These people here don't even see his stupid comment he's using to manipulate you outs him. Those that support him are as blind to being manipulated as you think your friends who watch MSM are.

Oh, I suppose I and dozens of others are 'taking things out of context.'

Just because you read someone and they introduce you to new ideas doesn't make that person not a scam artist. That's actually a necessary part of the ploy is to convince you they are offering something worthwhile. Glad you found out some information from his books; you could have gotten more with actual answers from reading an actual expert than from a scam artist.