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oh yeah, your right, i guess

oh yeah, your right, i guess it would look like that if you were rooting for the big guy whose been subjucating the little guy for x amount of years.....

No offence but unless extreme change, and i mean EXTREME, "reach out and touch" change happens (im not talking violence), then some of us will not have that level of trust you seem to have or are holding onto, they'll keep talking and talking, while they continue the actions we neither proposed nor consented too, while ignoring us or painting us........while their hold becomes firmer and firmer and their reaction to opposition bolder and bolder..........there needs something to profoundly change the mindset of even the "corrupted", say like equal rights, where a position does not protect you from violating a persons right, let alone an entire nations, .....say like the mass government firing of 2014, extreme no?.....but not a god damn impossible act of yeah,...... a po-si-bi-li-ty.........unlikely, but not an impossibility

thats just a random idea, not a goal im actually fighting for, nor opposed.........the will of the public will decide its fate, im not under any illusions that a happy ending is guaranteed, but i do believe that is the only way to reach that happy reach it ourselves honestly, then to be told to reach it, to be guided and not dictated, a very, very subtle distinction that many do not understand, when guidance crosses over to authorative "guidance".....and all i ask from ANY guidance is complete utter honesty, letting the chips fall as they may