Comment: If you were to ask me, if i

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If you were to ask me, if i

If you were to ask me, if i prefred snowden had NOT released it vs releasing it?

I sure as hell, wouldnt say, i wished he HAD'NT released it, so why do i get the vibe that some folks here wished he HAD'NT released it, am i wrong?

Im glad he released it, because it gives me hope that there maybe more folks in there who may find proof of any cockamanie schemes and once and for all shatter this illusion that i SUSPECT, as i SUSPECTED of the spying

Let me ask you, do you think government officicials would be more inclined to release foul deeds after snowden?What if its someone who beleives or starts to believe in their foundation, what we beleive.

As far as going to russia, i dont know, the only thing that comes to mind is, i cant see snowden NOT being deported from a country who has very "little standing" in the global scene, not knowing the reaction of the release