Comment: I have a legal question for those of you...

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I have a legal question for those of you...

who might know. I was taught that you if you have to draw, you NEVER shoot someone only once! Military-types refer to this as a "double-tap". OK, so in the instance in the OP, the victim fired twice...and I'm assuming his attacker went down with 2 .40s in his ass...My question is this: What are the legal ramifications had the victim "finished" the threat? The boy is now down on the personal feelings (sitting in my office chair, not at the scene) would be anger, and a desire to stand over this perp and shoot him again. In the eyes of the law is that murder? At the point where the kid is down, is he no longer a "threat"?
Mr. Zimmerman was much more patient than I would have been...he waited until his head was being bashed into the concrete sidewalk before he used his weapon. In this Knockout instance, how does the law view things?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

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