Comment: Your title is misleading... the filibuster is still alive...

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Your title is misleading... the filibuster is still alive...

...except for non-supreme court judicial nominees! They lowered the vote from 60 to simple majority, 51, to approve non-supreme court judicial nominees. By so doing the filibuster becomes useless, since the leader in the senate can ask for a ruling from the chair on the appropriateness of any particular filibuster against a non-supreme court nominee. If the ruling is that is not, the filibuster is overruled. If the ruling is that the filibuster is appropriate, the majority leader of the senate can call for a majority vote to overrule the chair! In effect, the simple-majority party gets their way!

It is an attack on the idea of debate and the 60 vote past requirement for confirmation, and as such is an attack on republican form of government!

Notwithstanding, the senate is today a faux body; not having been chosen by the legislatures of the several states, and the 17th amendment being also a faux amendment not legally passed in the first place!

Imagine all the roll-back a sound and forthright congress could effect, when once they undid the corruption wrought by the senate since the pretend passage of the 16th and 17th amendments in 1913! It would be ticker tape time all over the USA.