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There is a trading tool I saw the other day...

IT advertises, "purchases of my bitcoin trading software have enjoyed 2,000% returns the last 18 months."

But if his customers just bought bitcoin and held it, they would have enjoyed 20,000% returns the last 18 months.

I would just buy and hold(but only with money you can afford to lose, because it is entirely possible that bitcoin could be worthless one day.)

I look at it like this. Even if you think bitcoin has a 1% chance of becoming serious money, then its still worth it. Because if it becomes serious money, it will be worth $1 million per bitcoin.

If you like taking bets that pay $1,000 to 1 but occur 1 in every 1 times, then its worth throwing some money in bitcoin that you can afford to lose.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.