Comment: Debate Specifics.

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Debate Specifics.

Doggy-dog world has asked that I define the debate specifically, and have it in a medium other than video.

Here are my suggestions.

The debate topic

Engaging in the Bitcoin community is the best example of activism for the majority of freedom lovers.

I am in the affirmative. Looking for a naysayer.

To give you a heads up of my strategy. I will be employing the following chain of logic.

Crypto-currency, is the most powerful tool in the Libertarian arsenal to create a free world, and Bitcoin is at present the most likely brand of that tool to succeed.

As for the format. I dont care so much. If you want to make it formal
3 mins each, 5 mins each, 5 mins each,5 mins each.

If you are happy to let a moderator just try to make it the most enjoyable and entertaining debate possible, I am happy to do that also.

Or if you want to treat it as a Super informal Q&A, you can just throw objections at me and we can discuss them like adults.

As for the medium. I will be on video, because I think putting the debate on youtube will help lots of others understand the power of Bitcoin.

If you are uncomfortable with video, then you can just phone in.

Has that helped doggy-dog?
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.