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Yes they do Ira

Those link inform you of the connections between the PA and Israel, the money, which it also shows the money from America to the PA, aqnd it even shows Palestinians tells you the government is corrupt.. the last video shows Hamas, which is the PA of Gaza.

Palestina and Israel both have check points at the gates.. I've given you a movie about one of the check poins in a Syrian Bride so you can see how the PA? on this case Syria.. which does the same thing.. it shows you the "passports" and tells you the problems pof the pass ports, and the real beauty of what I showed you is most of it was from, of, and by Palestinian people, most who don't have cars.

I have shown you how journalists were arrested for trying to show the world the corruption with the PA, the police, they way the police harrass, intimidate, threaten, extort to keep the population under complete AUTHORITY. But you don't want to see it I guess.

Truth is hard to see in plain sight for those who have agendas and the truth doesn't mesh, eh Ira?

That's not Israel Ira. This is what YOU support!