Comment: He was sued by the feds for

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He was sued by the feds for

He was sued by the feds for selling a calcium supplement and claiming it could help cure cancer which is illegal apparently because "only a drug or surgery can treat disease" according to the FDA. He was banned from selling supplements so started writing books but was told not to put false claims. Even though he claims that his books are fiction in the opening, they went after him for claiming the weight loss protocol described in the book is "easy", and the judge disagreed and said it is not. Then they sued him 37$ mil which was the estimated profit even though no one who bought the book ever asked for a refund. He refused to pay saying he didn't have the money and now he is in jail awaiting sentencing. His book Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About is a modern classic and a potentially life changing book. He is an overzealous salesman, but that doesn't take away the information he provides and his ability to reach a lot of people. I would have to say that reading his book was like taking the red pill for me and my life
has not been the same since.

f___ all forms of govt.