Comment: Not legalistic-it is psychology, biology and common sense

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Not legalistic-it is psychology, biology and common sense

This is not even as far as constitutional intent. This is what constitutional intent is formed from.

It is a sociological, biological fact, which is supported by the philosophy of natural law; that people generally need to be free to express; with significant reach when reasonably justified; in society all information so that information vital to survival is shared and understood.

The Articles of Confederation were properly preceded by the constitution, which carries adequately the primacy of the Declaration of independence of 1776.

If we relinquish the purpose of free speech in anyway, we very likely at some point, and it is near, will not be sharing what we need to survive.
Any recognition of right will be only by our capacity to apply force. So I hope you are ready to explain that to your children.

Let them decide whether they like the idea of you simply recognizing that the purpose of free speech is to share and understand information vital to survival, and helping a citizen to share this reasonably with the Tea Party, instead of exclusively continuing operating in the conceptual box the elite have created for us with party politics.
When one humbles themselves to this logic

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?