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That Goldspan and Granger haven't commented on this. But check out those accounts using Labels to discredit an idea in action.

Michael, I understand that running this site is a pain in the ass. It was fun when we thought everyone should understand that handing out water bottles with Ron Paul's name on them might fix the country.

I don't think any of us understood how deep the mind control through banking has been thrust upon us.

It all comes down to what we really stand for in our hearts. You have created a place for that to happen, and for doing so you will be attacked by those that hate Freedom.

Michael, only do what you can. Many of us have given a lot. But I will never quit, just find new ways. That option is open to you as well.

That all said, this IS a battle of an Idea, and your site attracts the flak that hates it. You have done an amazing job for the right reasons.

God Bless,

BaseAss as Goldspan addresses me. ;)