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I'm not an AJ fan

I'm not anti-AJ.. It's just that AJ's articles and information do not interest me as much as other articles and information.. I really like reading about what others are doing in the rEVOLution/Liberty movement.. last GOP convention had so much LIBERTY, on books (Ron Paul on three tables at least), tee shirts, banners, programs.. it was a Liberty convention with the establishment looking like a purple thumb.. and this is what makes me happy, so that's what I like to see on DP.

I do not down vote or come on these threads and bash people or their issues.. or AJ.. I admit, I'm not a fan.. but I'm not out to get Alex.. Alex has a role and I guess I respect that, just like 911 Truth.. I'm not a truther, but I've never told a truther to get lost or feel any need to insult them.

If you can show me where I've used lables to discredit Alex, I'm very curious to see what you are talking about.

I don't understand your lable issue.. I'm opposed to GMO labeling because I have no problem reading the USDA 100% orgaic lable.

Maybe it's your lack of labeling why I don't really understand you? Seems you have an issue with my confirmation as a Catholic? It also seems you have some obsession with me that I don't get at all. Why are you naming me because I didn't post? It's as if I'm damned if I do or don't with you.. where's the liberty? Where's the peace? Where's the love?

My thoughts on the post.. we're seeing Sheriffs not police and sheriff is a county juridiction.. so

Who pulled the permit? Seems to me there was no permit pulled and this is what happens, which I would not be surprized if someone from We Are Changed and the organization was charged and fined for public disturbance. And that's why I didn't comment. I have more questions than feelings about it... but let's consider who I am

I've been an activist since 1973 and participated in many protests, rallies, be-ins, and well organized events, poorly organized events, and have produced events, which I had to pull permits, had to have insurance, had to have clearance, had to work with law and order so what I'm seeing on the video wouldn't happen.

I was at a protest once that got violent, trash cans set on fire, cars rolled, police cars and an ambulance were trashed.. and I would never want to do that again, so I appreciate a well organized protest, and I am very sorry about what happened to We Are Change's event.. I don't enjoy watching videos like that.