Comment: I don't understand why it's so hard to understand

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I don't understand why it's so hard to understand

Do you log onto DP? Why do you have to do that? Why do you have to register? Where's the liberty?

I like the permit deal .. here's a perfect example why.. I did a hempfest back in 96.. thousands of people showed up.. I had a permit, insurance, my own security ... during the event Todd McCormic shows up.. oh I should say, there were three layers of security, the police, the venues, and mine (and probably others)..

This is previous to Prop 215.. Todd pulls out his weed to make a statement about freedom to the security.. so I, the permit holder, am paged to see what I want to do about Todd.. I don't want to do anything about Todd. I took Todd into my security for the event. What the police did after.. nothing.

Now if I had not had that permit, Todd could have gone to jail for a very long time.. or let's say a bunch of people who hated hemp came to the event to protest.. that permit gives me the right to remove them.

Moral of the story.. whenever you go to a protest or rally, find out who has the permit because if shit happens.. that's who can help you.. this protest above wouldn't have happened with a permit.. police would have stood there, gave them peace signs.

I believe you have to accept things as they are of you hope to understand HOW to change them. Permits are they way they are, and in my experience, they are a good thing because people don't always want the best for each other and that permit is what gives you the right to have your say. They want to say something.. they can get a permit. It's actually fun part of the planning events I think..

Walking up to the office and telling them how messed up things are and wanting a permit.. makes you feel double good.. you told them to their face and then you have a parade.