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to what employees.....

everyone you and I pay for,this includes
cops,politicians,mayors,all city financed employees
these are the ones who work for us,we are the employers
""some events are done in theaters""...yes they are,and that is private property...roads are public..we are the public,we finance the upkeep
they are ours,for our private, public use
"if we are going to occupy 4 city blocks for 4 hours"...again,them roads
are ours..we own them
do cops get a permit to close off roads to bust a suspected perp? NOPE
they just close them down,and usually longer than 4 hours,they just close them down,no one in,no one out,and all done on their word
Cops do not won roads,they can by being a tax payer,but not just by being a cop
And no...I do not believe one should have to get permits from the employees
to do something we have the right to do in the first place
This is giving them more power than they are supposed to have
and this is how and why they all have stolen it,well not stolen,it was freely handed to them by block by block,piece by piece
and this is why we as a nation are in the shape we are in,and to me,this is why most of us fight against it all...but,I could be wrong
the bill of rights starts out,,congress shall pass no laws,but have we not seen pass laws that go directly against the const?
City councils passing laws that directly contradict the states own const
cops.judges,lawyers tossing protesters,non violent people in jail,and for what the courts opinions...I know this was a bit over board,but I wanted to make a point
each and every form of gov,cannot have more authority or power than the ones who they work you agree?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence