Comment: I disagree with the need for $

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I disagree with the need for $

$ makes no difference to the diligent mind and the mind that has accessed divine wisdom unfettered from ANY outside source.

Yes the ego is built by men with an agenda to ensure confusion amongst the many so that the few can shape reality. Ego is not just ID as you call it but it is a neural net filter in which information passes through for inteperpretation. This filter is built from any information that has any resemblence of making sense to the attentive mind and s the prime (maybe the only) weapon the control freaks have. How do the control freaks do this? With mass $ that they can print out of thin air. So the need for more of the same is absolutely not necessary. The very act of trying to gain the mass $ that you claim is needed I believe ensures more of the same.

To those who have tapped the universal matrix of information (what I call the masternet) from within (quantum entangled information of everything) the real agenda and incongruencies of one´s own ego is revealed. In fact, I have found that one can even enter the domain of the agenda itself and find its conscious source through proper intent and meditation. This ability seems to be reserved to those who have the will to find it and who are willing to give in to the source of divine order so that its path can be revealed. Most are not only not aware that such a state of consciousness exist but if they ever get faced with its existence are totally afraid of its vast information (some even lose their minds completely from it).

So if one´s ego has been built by external sources and has been built for introducing as much confusion as possible then what is the real solution? The false ego must be shattered completely. How can this happen? By watching everything they thought made sense conflict until no resolution can be achieved within the current neural nets of the ego. The logical weight of the whole picture not making sense must be realized by the decieved. How can this happen? By the complete destruction of everything known to be true around the subject collapsing into a total choas of conflicting logic. Once the individual comes the conclusion that nothing makes sense then the ego will crack and the individual will find themselves completely lost in the world. I cannot find any other way for the false ego to be overcome. I did this intentionally and consciously when I was 18 years old and spent about about 3 years in the wind following divine source of order to erase my previous ego and find divine truth but I do not know any other who has done this on purpose as this path takes some serious will and faith.

Once the ego is shattered then and only then can a new understanding be formulated. This moment will come about en masse with the total collapse of the currency. All those tyrannical thugs out there calling themselves government will alter their understanding when the checks don´t come in anymore or the currency is useless and everyone thinks they are criminals not to be respected or assisted in any way. Those thugs will no longer be for such a system because the only reason they are there now doing what they are doing is because their ego is fulfilled with power and profit. When these are no longer relevant even the thugs wil lose their way and the ego will crack.

In the end I believe you came to the exact wrong conclusion with your efforts. We need less $ not more. In fact if we went to zero dollars then we would definitely see all of the bs built in people´s egos come crumbling down.

So yes the agenda is building false egos on purpose with a side benefit of the loss of all privacy into their hands as a consequence but all of this is done with $.

And no I don´t remeber usenet. I got on the internet once or twice in 1996 and did not really get on the internet until 1999 and not high speed until 2001. I was in the library going through private networks to the national archives and microfiche to trace back all of the Iran Contra boys until 1999.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...