Comment: Those features of the conscious mind, which

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Those features of the conscious mind, which

are so linked to the ID, the unconscious mind, that they have the features you describe, and are social structures of esteem maintenance an competency. Such structures are needed in social discourse to allow the ID to quickly evaluate what is communicated.

We agree. I just realized I'm restating what you've said. I'll continue because the resolution of terms is important. Then, just how do we use the agreement I seek with this thread.

The ancient Greeks had more understanding of the unconscious mind than we do, but Socrates was able to define the path to pure reason, but the forest, where the path travelled, was obscured by the trees.

EGO is an instinctual bridge between reason, cognition and the unconscious. Both are dependent on the unconscious for long term memory and all of its synaptic dependencies.

This thread is not about that, but will have to use that feature of our minds for us to socially agree on what assures our survival.

Agreement of this type depends on individual acquiescence to social fact. That fact is that without agreement, we will have no majority, no control, wherein our survival is comprised as a species.

I state freedom of speech is actually freedom of information to the public. The agreement I propose assures that the masses have an opportunity to know truths needed in decision making, opinion forming as a society and functional democracy. I state this for the purpose of empowering our first constitutional right, Article V.

This statement is based in the premise that each person reading needs to feel as though they are enabled to protect their futures and that of their descendants. This statement is before and outside our social system, and I expect people reading to understand that the tyrants will not share this info, but will work to obscure it in any way they can.

What this means, and any reading can see how this agreement is founded in prime instincts, and that it must be extended by daily, personal actions to others, urging them to carry the understanding of how our social contract powers us IF we agree. In this thread I am demonstrating an instinctual agreement that each person can take and extend.

Part of that agreement is that our constitution must be preserved and restoration of constitutional government through Article V enacted with preparatory amendment is our only real option for survival.

If that is not true, please describe another option that starts here and feasibly proceeds to our collective control over our behaviors stopping our destruction of our world and ourselves.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?