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Finally, a post we can agree on, Sistah!

I've been trying to catch up after a busy day elsewhere, away from keyboard typing; when after posting here above, , I decided to read down to where we are here. I was tempted to jump in sooner, but I hoped you'd give me a really good common point of agreement to build on, rather than much of what I read above.

You did, and here's where: "I don't have a problem with permits. I have a problem when through corruption they won't issue a permit (they don't like your issue, or party, or looks). That is what gets me."

What happened there Friday was that the City of Dallas had made, temporarily, a permit-only zone of what was, at all other times, an openly public space. Free-speech zones,(what a misnomer, eh?), were also temporarily set up by the city at a distance determined to keep down audible dissent from interfering with their totally arbitrary cordoning off for their cult-ceremony celebrating the Big Lie. City, state, and federal powers converged like vultures on that site to try and prove to themselves, and the media reporters present, that they were still somewhat in control of enforcing it's prescribe remembrance.

There were law-suits filed after permits kept out all those who had been vigilantly watching all the various and sundry ways that facts, witnesses, math, and science, have been ignored, suppressed, and murderously transgressed on many levels by the very people inside the permit-only zone.

The dissenters had a clear legal statement, from city lawyers, not a permit, because the area was to be returned to full public access AFTER there permit-only ritual-sacrifice of the Truth had been slain once again, in effigy, while pretending to honor Kennedy's legacy.

I don't have a problem with permits, under those VERY limited circumstances where legitimate jurisdiction applies. What happened in Dallas Friday was a totally arbitrary show of force, and NOT a permit violation by the good folks there to honor their love of truth.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass