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I found another way

to ensure the law is upheld and ithas absolutely nothing to do with democracy, voting or a "social contract". The solution I found is pure logic that has one single foundation maxim in law:

No law can violate any other law

When one humbles themselves to this logic and views a case in a court of law as simply seeking a non-conflicting path through the logic of law then a whole new picture emerges of how to uphold the law and maintain the protections of law. Legal law is only a subset of real law. By using this maxim I have found that Real law is ordered into an inherent logical heirarchy of law. This heirarchy flows from the whole set to its inherent subsets as follows:

Divine Law- the source of order in the universe that orders nature itself and its protections accessible to man through divine inspiration for those who live within its protections, this law is inviolate by nature

Natural Law- the laws of nature that govern nature and formed within divine law this law is inviolate for an but man lives within this according man´s own consent as to whether exist or not where man is subject to Divine Law´s order first, this law is inviolate by man

Common Law- the law for the interaction of men (men always means men and women because law is always written in the masculine form) and is formed within natural laws of men seeking peaceful remedy for disputes in their interactions with ALL violations occurring as either Breach of Peace or Breach of Duty, with all logical truths described in true non-conflicting Maxims of law; these laws are applicable by consent of men when they interact with one another and consent to peaceful remedy

Organic Law- jurisdictional understanding of Common Law that define Common Law that is either repugnant or accepted for the jursdiction´s forum for Common Law remedy. In our law this is the the DOI and is applicable to all who claim to be operating under our jurisdiction.

Constitutional Law- the Common Law contract that is applicable to all parties who claim it´s applicability and is contractually binding for all men who step into it´s created capacities and voluntarily bind themselves through there own consent of the oath.

Statutory Law- the strict construction of regulatory code codified by representatives re-presenting on behalf of the People that has applicability to all who consented to step into the Citizen capacity of the constitutional oath.

I have found that this heirarchy is logically inherent in law itself and that each discrete level of law is applied through one´s own consent with Divine Law being inviolate and Natural Law being inviolate for those who consent to continue existence in Nature.

What does this mean? It means many things but a couple of important aspects are that it is a heirarchy of logic itself with each level below divine law (the whole set) only applicable based on consent of the individual. The fact that no law can violate any other law means that if any law is violated in a super set then there will ALWAYS be violations of law in subsets. Knowing this I use this order of understanding in law in a "court" to expose the violations, confusion and utter incompetence of those claiming to be a "court" or "law enforcement". Knowing law is this heirarchy I can find the laws the men and women falsely claiming to be "courts" are violating and then proceed to formuate a series of questions that say Question 1 will get a response as fact from them where their answer is already known by me to directly conflict with their own answer to say Question 7, and their answer to Question 2 will conflict with ther answer to Question 8.

This also means that Common Law (interpreted under Organic Law understanding for a given jurisdiction) is applicable to full liability men not under a capacity bound to any contractual capacity subject to Constitutional bounds or derived Statutory regulation, i.e. Statutory code can NEVER be applied to a man and can only be applied as bounds of a capacity created in law of whichcapacity a man has voluntarily entered into through all elements in a valid contract within Common Law.

In this path of knowing REAL law I can know that these people will conflict themselves until they themselves realize their own conflicts. These conflicts attack their own ego becase now they will begin to look stupid and incompetent to their peers who are looking to them to have all the answers. Remember the ego needs to be right and needs to be smart. If they conflict themselves in their own answers in law then they will eventually realize their own incomptence and ´feel´the loss of respect from their immediate peers. This uses the aspects of Common, Organic, Constitutional, and Statutory law to peel back applicable law to Natural Law. This means in a court the entire process becomes one of getting them to prove their own claims and true and correct. What happens when they realize they cannot maintain congruency and consistency in law and they are now looking like a fool? They just want you out of their sight and the conflicts to end so that their ego can maintain its deceptions upon themselves and their peers.

Living within the protections of Divine Law means that the inspiration I receive from the divine source of order will always enable protections because I already know that there will NEVER be a valid cause of action for ANYTHING because I am already governed by real law due to the fact that I never breach peace or duty.

The beautiful part about our law is that our Organic Law, the DOI, states that just (lawful) powers of government are derived from consent of the governed. This means any court action can only be derived from an accuser who is a member of the governed and is liable for their accusation against the accused and will face the accused in a court of law (Laws of Nature permitting) with their accusations and all required elements demonstrating a valid cause of action. This means ALL government power is removed and placed directly in the hands of the governed NOT government.

How does this ensure liberty in context of tyrannical nightmare machine we face? The Law of Nature TIME. If We the People are aware and clear of how law actually works then we can simply live free and they will attack us and bring us into their "courts" where we can have own unique path of conflicting logical questions prepared for them and proceed to challenge jurisdiction on EVERYTHING not derived from consent of the governed. The inviolate law of nature TIME wil demonstrate its finiteness to the "court" and their tyranny will cause the "courts" not governed by real law to run out of time, clog, have a heart attack and die. We can do this right now. I have gathered emperical data from the "courts" and the temporal data from my own efforts to uphold the law and I have found that it requires less than 0.01% of the population to completely halt the criminal gang calling themselves "courts". I have also found that another byproduct is a split of support inside the "courts" between the criminal control freaks and the true believers in the our laws. This split then shows the people working inside the "courts"who are tyrants and then allies begin to come forward to assist from within the "courts" themselves.

We can even go on the offensive by targeting our questions so strategically as to have the criminals actually admit to felony and misdimeanor criminal acts on the record and then seek justice against them for their crimes by being the accuser and taking the facts to our juries which inevitable leads to other criminals in the "courts" obstructing justice which is more felonyacts on the record.

So in the end the ONLY thing we need to uphold the law. It is realy simple really.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...