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Nonna, That Prayer was out of

Nonna, That Prayer was out of a burden in my heart and in my mind. It has been in my thoughts to write it for days. BHO has lived a very dysfunctional life with people in reproach teaching him the ways of darkness. Regardless of the wickedness being shown daily everyday about BHO. I do pity him and have some compassion because he may have never experienced the love of Christ. He is man lacking the love in his life. He is like us in need of God's mercy and forgiveness.

The prayer is about hoping God can reach him and that if he heeds God's calling in his heart. Maybe through a change in his heart where is speaking to the nation. People will know he is speaking from his soul with peace and joy and not from a teleprompter. Maybe the people of this nation might reflect on their own lives which could spark a revival where the heart of the people turns back to God.

It may be not a perfect prayer. But it was on my heart to speak my mind.