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" until my access to massive historical information became available."

Funny how most Christian apologists rely on that exact historical information for evidence of Christianity, which by the way has a larger and earlier written record than any other ancient text, for proof of God's existence, and yet, somehow we are supposed to believe you examined the same overwhelming evidence and that made you an atheist, well I call bullshit on that, you are either dishonest or too stupid to understand the historical evidence.

"When you research the orgins of government and the role that religion has played throughout history for controlling large groups of individuals...the hiarchical structure and the consent to authority which all religions promote, becomes less a story about an amazing supernatual being and more a directed message with specific purposes...very much like propaganda."

Red Herring used for other state religions but not at all true of the founding Christian religion which was attacked by both the Jewish and Roman state from its founding to 300 years after.

"The fact is, there is no more proof to the claim that god exsists than anyone can disprove a claim that I have an invisible duck on my head...if thats what I claim."

Oh ya, we will take your baseless claim rather than proofs put forth from the ancient Greeks like Plato and Socrates et al, onward to the Christian saints, Rene Descartes, etc, sounds legit dude, please learn history and philosophy before showing your ignorance of it.