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Thank you Bruddah

I really appreciate you clearing that up, because to me, what you have posted IS THE ISSUE, and I'm very glad that we can agree rather than debate whether permits should or not exist (LOVE to those who want to debate this with me).. THE ISSUE IS breach of permits by the city and there are law suits filed..

Are they seeking contributions, evidense, witnesses, and petitions filed, any reach out for awareness and participation to help restore Dallas to constitutional government???

What can the liberty movement do to help the Plantiff?

And really ((((promisekept)))) Thank you for posting and letting me know because I was genuinely wondering if it was a permit issue.. because if I had pulled a permit $, paid insurance $$, advertized and promoted my event $$$, and had the Sheriff department stomp on my event.. I would have called the police and definately writen to my Senator and congressman and filed a suit for breach of contract, harrassment, intimidation..

I can't imagine my Sheriff or anyone in his department doing that. I am so BLESSED to have Sheriff Tom Allman and his department.. Tom would have personally shown up and asked to see who was in charge (who pulled the permit) and asked to see the permit.. and if there was some reason that they could not honor the permit.. he would have asked permission to talk to the group and then he would explain why we could not, and he would offer to help us form another event.

Occupy does not pull permits, but we all know where they are going to be every friday between 2 and 5 PM.. two blocks south and one block east of, Ladies in Black, who do not have a permit, but we all know they will be there standing against war as they have for over a decade.. and none of the vets for peace pull permits to wave American flags, peace flags and signs every Sunday.. but we all know where they will be doing that... but if I want to show the film, "Freedom from Fascism" at the town hall.. I gotta pull a permit.. and I'm ok with that. I'm not OK with what happened in Dallas and I hope there is a way for Liberty activists to help.

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