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Comment: the real issue?

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the real issue?

no,the real issue is in asking to do what we can already do
this topic,the post,is one small issue surrounding it all
but does bring it to light
If governments are instituted for man,and they are created
to uphold the laws of the states,and the fed gov,then they have broken
their own oaths,and our own laws
and by doing so committed acts against their own this so hard to understand?
you act as if this the first time we have chatted about this subject
why should i see promisekepts posts,that is not the real issue,what is spoken of by him/her,is one issue out of many where the gov's overstepped their bounds,broke the laws,and committed acts in direct violation
of the laws they seem to think we are under...but not them(the very ones who created them without authority to do so...if indeed we are our own gov

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