Comment: You'll be back

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You'll be back

I've seen so many people go down this route before where they decide they are going to take a principled stand against the tyranny (everyone seems to have a different complaint) of for-profit operating systems companies by installing open source distribution X on their primary PC. Most of these people come crawling back with their tail between their legs in a few months or years. The problem is that Linux is such a freaking headache to maintain and actually use day to day. Wait until you need to find a driver for a new unsupported peripheral, or compile an open source tool whose makefile isn't quite setup for your particular distribution. It is hard to appreciate all the things that just work on Windows or OS X until you lose them. Also, speaking of tyranny, you should investigate the activities of companies (i.e. Google, etc.) who make significant contributions to various Linux distributions. You will find that they are every bit as evil, if not more so, than Microsoft.

All that said, if you are dead set on installing an open source operating system, you should have gone with FreeBSD. It is way better than Linux :).