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I think in general

the web makes it be easy to be anti Christian. Go to any web page on the internet that allows comments and you will have someone post a christian comment and you will have two or three or more people post a comment of how stupid that person is, then they will start asking random Bible questions to "prove" that Christianity is wrong.

For instance have a Christian woman on a christian website write something about modesty and women will accuse her of saying women get rapped because of how they dress.

Have a christian post that embryos dont have gills and that christian hates education.

Go to and they have a place for discussion and they have a specific spot for christians to discuss stuff and four fifths of the comments are posted by atheist.

If anything dailypaul is a heck of a lot nicer toward christians than most websites and ironically is nicer to Christians than some christian websites that allow comments.