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all good points

However, you're operating in a false paradigm; a stage of your own choosing. Eric Arthur Blair would be mortified of your colloquialisms, lack of validation, and sheer inductive reasoning. That being said, it is true that there are nations among us that are being aggressive imperialists in nature, and by religious "purity" in some type of "righteous" cause that actually have the audacity to say that the opposite is true... "Truth is treason in a kingdom of lies..." has never been truer.

It is the pure act of proclaiming that we're all some sort of plumb line for reality and morality. We're not, I can tell you dear nephew. We're not.

"I know what's right!"

"I am wearing the correct wardrobe to gain entrance into heaven!"

"I know all the right things to say!"

"I have just the right amount of usury without punishment from the Master."

Think on these things and get back to me.

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman