Comment: don't worry too much about the Constitution

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don't worry too much about the Constitution

The Constitution either enabled this government or it is ineffective at stopping it. Your rights don't start or stop there. It is only a small example of the rights you have. All rights belong to you until you hurt others. You have a right to swing a sword in the air, but that right ends at the next man's neck. Do no harm is the only restriction against a total personal anarchy.

If you really want to be free, you have to be unafraid of any consequences they may threaten you with. If you want to drive fast, then refuse the punishments that they will attempt against you. Go to court or don't. I've spent some time in jail for refusing to pay them for a ticket. Instead of paying, they had to feed me six times and provide me with housing for 38 hours. If I were sick, the burden of restoring my health would have been on them.

The threat of death and torture were what our founders faced for their boldness in taking a stand. We aren't to that point yet but every individual has a line they will draw in the sand. To be free, you have to find where that line is and push it as far as you can.