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Me neither.

I have 0 plans of ever being a gop delegate again.

But to each his own. I think I know someone who might (maybe). That is their decision, their choice, and their life. I wish everyone the best on their own journey.

Every journey is wonderful, because every journey is personalized for that individual, and ultimately, every journey is (ultimately) a journey of growth.

Being a GOP delegate was part of my journey. I'm tempted to say something melodramatic / trite like, "And I wouldn't trade it for anything!" (cue the orchestra)

But the truth is - I can't trade if for anything. I did it. I went there. I saw it up close. I learned enough that I'm know there is no reason for me to go back.


On a separate note, I'm not interested in supporting GJ either. I saw that movie before, too, and I'm not interested in seeing a rerun of that one either.

And likewise, just as an FYI, this joint is not going to become the Daily Gary Johnson, either.

No, it was a one shot deal, supporting Ron Paul for president. A singularity. A one of a kind.

You can't repeat the past. Can't recapture the magic of what is gone, gone, gone.