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Hi Denise

In practical terms, feel free to post stuff about Rand. While Rand is not a primary interest of mine, the way Ron Paul was in 2007/8, and less so in 2012, I'll still keep an eye on Rand, so I'll appreciate news postings.

What I want to avoid is creating an echo chamber that misleads people into believing that Rand is more popular than he is. He is definitely in the mix, no doubt. But there are other contenders as well, and there are downsides and drawbacks to Rand as well.

Personally, I would like to see more balanced coverage, so that no one is mislead. This kind of filtering is covered in the book, The Filter Bubble.

If you ever saw the documentary "For Liberty" you can see how I suffered from it. It was actually a shock to me in 2007 / early 2008 when he came in 4th or 5th in New Hampshire (I forget now, exactly).

Because I was here at the helm of the DP, I thought Ron Paul was way more popular than he actually was. The polls showed him in 5th place. I thought that was BS. Bogus. That the MSM was lying. "Look at all the support he has here on the Daily Paul!" I said to myself! He's going to win New Hampshire!!!

And when he came in 4th or 5th or whatever it was, with about 8% of the vote, just as the polls predicted, I had that moment when illusion meets reality.

The funny thing is that I watched myself in the documentary "For Liberty" explaining that, and with the benefit of hindsight and time, I could see that the guy on TV in my living room was d e l u s i o n a l.

I don't want to contribute to that delusion with regards to Rand. I've learned since then.

Absolutely Rand is a valid topic of discussion and debate, and I know the bias here will likely always be pro-Rand, unless he goes total neo-con. That is also a possibility, in which case I think the tide here will turn against him.

He's in a tough spot because he has to appeal to the mainstream GOP. Most people here are not that. So eventually (I think), he'll have to throw us under the bus. That is part of the reason supporting him is such a risk. He's much more of a politician. I don't want to be tied to him and have to support his positions (such as sanctions on Iran), because I can't.

As such I / the Daily Paul won't be supporting moneybombs and call bombs and such.

So feel free to post stuff about Rand, but also feel free to post it from both angles.

This time, more than supporting, I'm interested in watching, thus I have the domain At this time, it just points to the Rand forum here on the Daily Paul.

But if it starts to turn into a civil war here, I'll make a concerted effort to set up a new site and push folks there so I don't have to be the 'referee' in such a civil war. We saw that at the tail end of the primaries with Gary Johnson supporters, and I'm not eager to repeat that either.

I hope that answers your question.

He's the man.