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Only some things at Apple are overpriced

Apple has a tendency to take a long time to update their systems, thus some of their offerings fall out of date and are overpriced. Also, their monitors and individual part upgrades (RAM, HD, etc) are historically overpriced and I would always recommend getting them elsewhere.

When it comes to the actual computers, they aren't overpriced so much as they just don't have a low end, and come with a lot of stuff most consumers will never need.

When claiming Macs are overpriced I most commonly see comparisons to systems that may work as well for most users, but simply aren't comparable for industry professionals. Specifically, the display built into iMacs is roughly half their cost alone. Yes, the current Mac Pros are (very) long in the tooth, but the new one coming out shocked people with its price. Again, it's a power system, but for a dual-FirePro/Xeon rig, and given the ridiculously impressive size of the thing, it's likely to be a good deal. It will depend of course on the exact specs of the FirePros and the Xeon, but knowing Apple, they will be toward the higher end even on the "low end" Mac Pro, which will make the $3000 a decent value for those who need a powerful workstation, albeit very high for so called "entry" point.

Aside from the noted exceptions though, you'd be hard priced to find an Apple product that isn't extremely competitive at time of launch, but since the systems are pretty much all-inclusive, you won't be able to save money on things you don't want or need. Which is why I built a PC and run OS X Mavericks on it.

I think they would open up a huge market if they had a tower with similar specss to the iMac but a dedicated (and swappable) desktop-grade graphics card. Right now they have tools for servers (Mac Mini), video professionals (Mac Pro), and tools for graphics professionals (iMac and MacBook Pro), and decent "basic user" laptops (The MacBook Air) but they do NOT have anything remotely suited to basic desktop use, and certainly nothing for gaming.

But all in all I feel the aversion to Apple is heavily due to their lack of diversity in their product line. They only have very few products, and they don't have a low-end, so people see a system that has more than they need in most normal situations and assume it's overpriced.