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Another demonstration of incompetence by chicken

I asked for very specific evidence to back up your own claims and again no evidence. I have demonstrated a reasonable and logical conclusion of what a valid claim of consent of the governed means and that can be proven in a court of law according to the courts own rules of evidence that is congruent within common law right to face one´s accuser.

If you have an alternate explanation that can be demonstrated in a court of law as valid according to the rules of evidence than put up your claims and demonstrate its validity and congruency within common law right to face your accuser or submit to the logic.

I already know what the "court´s" claims are that will not be spoken on the record but I also know exactly where their position not only fails but requires them to commit contract fraud and extortion to attempt to maintain such a position which means I can obtain evidence of their crimes on the record in any "court" which always results in them making the "officer" leave the "courtroom" as a tactic to maintain their false "precedent" by eliminating the possibility of hearing the facts and setting precedent. What does case law matter if criminals claiming to be a "court" are intentionally and systematically preventing the facts from being heard. Why is the same tactic of making an "officer" leave the courtroom systemic across multiple States? The answer is because they are criminal control freaks who have no desire to get to the truth and simply want to maintain unlawful power.

I want to see if you know the "court´s" unspoken position is on this matter and admit it here publicly. If you don´t know the "court´s" position and you have no answer while my answer is valid and provable then you lose in a real court of law.

Put up or shut up chicken. Can you or any "prosecutor" actually prove your claims? I can prove mine.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...