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Yes it is chess.

But it is multi dimensional chess. And in this game, you're the pawn, and that is all you'll ever be.

Do you know what the function of the pawn is? It is to go out and get slaughtered. To protect the King and the Queen at all costs. You only move forward, not backward, and then one step at a time, not in broad sweeps like the knight, the castle or the queen. You can only kill sideways, not directly. You are of limited use. Accept your fate and be done with you.

So far, Nicholson, you appear to be a good pawn.

You've successfully rationalized Iranian sanctions.

You've successfully rationalized the endorsement of Romney, by deferring your individuality to the Messiah, Ron Paul: if Ron Paul isn't pissed that he supported Romney... why the hell are we???

Absolutely. Don't feel a thing. Defer to the Master.


What the hell does Ron Paul have to do with any of this? Ron's an individual, as is Rand, as are you and I. I'm sure Ron will eventually come out and endorse his own son for president. Duh. Blood trumps principles. Blood trumps everything. Duh.

Some people are happy being pawns.

So, happy pawns, let's go back to the movie star Denzel Washington, and his quote from the Hollywood movie "Training Day", (which I have not seen): This shit is chess not checkers.

Oh baby! Let's quote Hollywood!

Fine. Have it your way. Agreed. This is a game of chess.

Just remember, your place. You are the pawn in this game.

As such, you are:

  • To pledge undying loyalty to The Candidate.
  • To rationalize every statement and decision made by The Candidate.
  • To always defend The Candidate.
  • To never criticize The Candidate.
  • To denounce critics of The Candidate.
  • To send money to The Candidate, and his affiliated organizations
  • To beg, plead and argue why others MUST send money to The Candidate (He is our best hope!)
  • To vociferously proselytize and champion The Candidate in every and all venues, including dinner parties, web sites and public transportation (the rise of Paultard 2.0).
  • To discount and pooh-pooh The Candidate's competitors, even when the ideas are in line with the values of liberty (such as Ted Cruz's 21 hour faux-filibuster of Obamacare). Because those candidates are (obviously) just copycats and plants
  • To compare The Candidate glowingly to Ronald Reagan
  • To never forget, that The Candidate is always right, never wrong, and must under every and all circumstances be supported with every and all means at your disposal. Always and forever.
  • To react with grace and humility when, at the end, you are thrown under the bus (again) when The Candidate endorses Chris Christie. After all - at the end, who else can best represent our positions but The Candidate's recommendation. (To quote yourself if The Candidate isn't pissed that he supported Chris Christie... why the hell are we???

Yes, I agree. It is a game of chess. Like I said at the beginning - it is a multidimensional game, and The Candidate is playing on levels you don't even know exist.

So just make sure you know your place, and don't get uppity.

You're the pawn in this game.

Have fun getting slaughtered.

He's the man.