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My position here

I do not support the proposed amendments you advocate. I think your intentions are in the right place but any Amendment process at this point would be extremely dangerous and would result in something worse than we have now. I also do not believe your proposed amendment issues address what could be the most effective Amendments that could be proposed. Voting by ignorant people (almost everyone) I do not support at all.

The only amendment to the Constitution I wuld support is the following:
The People of the United States is defined herein as any man or woman who is not operating as a governmental capacity and is strictly construed as "the governed" referred to in the Declaration of Independence. This definition also strictly constructs that governmental personnel shall never be defined or construed as the People.

Any personnel of any governmental body within the United States or any of the Several States or localities or military therein bringing a court action against any member of the People that is not sourced directly from one or more of the People is hereby prohibited. Any governmental personnel in any branch of government that initiates or executes a court action against the People shall be punishable by death upon the accusation of any of the People.

Any court action brought by any member of the People shall be held liable for any false accusation upon counter claim by the accused and shall be heard upon the counter accusation and in parallel within any court action upon the accusation of the accused.

Requirement of Government issued identification for the free movement of the People is hereby prohibited and any government personnel demanding such identification of the People shall be punishabe by death upon guilty verdict of any jury of the People.

Any governmental personnel obstructing the process of justice by prohibiting access to a jury upon accusation of the People shall also be punishable by death.

All claims by any governmental personnel that income, wage earnings, or property reporting by the People for any purpose, including taxes, is hereby prohibited. Any governmental personnel claiming requirements of income or wage earnings or other property as required reporting shall be punishable by death.
This is where my brain is at as far as proposed Amednments. I have other suggestions for required transparency also but I do not want to stray further of your topic.

So in the end, I do not see your proposed amendments as nearly strong enough or even that relevent to protection of liberty, health or the environment nor do I think that those proposed amendments will do anything for improving anything. We need remove all governmental power that is not directly from consent of the governed and we need governmetal personnel so scared of the People that they will think twice before behaving corruptly.

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