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I look forward to meeting you at the RNC in 2016 where Ron Paul Republicans will be continuing the rEVOLution.

I can accept that to you I would be the most dangerous kind of child abuse survivor and you would think that I have no idea of Ron Paul's message because if I see child abuse, I report it. YEP! If Ron Paul's message means that I become deaf, blind and dumb as a witness for a child who is being abused, than I want no part of Ron Paul's message.. but that is not Ron Paul's message. Ron Paul is not saying that liberty is for child abusers to do what they want. I am not going to shoot the abuser on sight, as I don't believe that is Ron Paul's message either. But I am not going to walk away. I will walk to the manager or police or whoever and REPORT IT.

Why would I lie about chickens?

Why are you worried about why I am here? Why are you here? Where do you get the idea that Michael is happy I am here? My being here is not about Michael's happiness. We wound up going in different directions.. I went GOP, Michael didn't.. I went Rand, Michael didn't.. but that does not remove any RESPECT. I totally RESPECT Michael's choice and his tolerance for mine, and I believe, though I could be wrong because I have not discussed this with Michael, but I believe that there is a mutual curiosity where the rEVOLution is going.. where we are going.. after all, we do share common goals.. Peace, Sound Money, Love (caring about people and life).

Sometimes Base, things that are broken get rebuilt better.