Comment: The Civil War was coerced by the Bankers

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The Civil War was coerced by the Bankers

'Crimes of the Civil War: and curse of the funding system' by Henry Clay Dean shows that the Civil War was whipped up by the Bankers in order to create the Chaos necessary to make people want Central Planning, and the Central Banking necessary to fund it.

The Central Planners/Banks are losing their power. Everyday people are looking for ways to get out from under their thumb and we're getting more creative. The fiat currencies are being inflated far pass the amount of goods needed to keep them useful.

I think the Central Bankers have gone too far to go back. They need mass chaos in order to have a chance at regaining power after the fiat currencies are replaced by other means to trade. They are going to lose power no matter what. If the power is lost in a relatively peaceful way, the chances of them re-securing that power & influence is low. If it is chaotic, they have a better chance at re-branding themselves as the saviors.

People who need saving are easier to control than those that can rely of themselves.