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I've seen you comment, elsewhere on this post, information over being a Citizen of the U.S. and being subjected to the taxation authority imposed by the federal government as legitimate.

I did lots of research over this and wonder what you thought about the book "Lost Horizons" take on the "income" tax and the definitions therein under Title 26 of U.S.C.

From what I can tell, and since Obama's second term, the language in this Title has been changed extensively and has even OMITTED previous long standing definitions within it. I've even gone so far as to inquire at my place of employment as to why we are subjected to the tax code. If you know, or have looked into it, in the publication from the IRS the Circular E, that is handed out to every company, it states that the publication is for federal government employees and employers. I still have not received an answer for this and as to why our company is required to participate in the governments programs, ex: Social Security, Medicare, FICA, and the like.