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jrd, you are the best

I figured as much. I was going to ask you for a link, but I guess they're all the same, aren't they?

Someone posted about leaving because of x,y,or z.

The reasons aren't relevant, are they? The reasons are personal. Others might resonate with those reasons. Others might resonate with the opposite.

Here's the bottom line: Do what you want! That is the libertarian (small l) credo! "Do what you want!:

I came to that conclusion intuitively, before I knew what libertarian was, or even that there was a Libertarian Party.

Do you need a Libertarian Party to do that? To do what you want?

Me thinks not.

Do you need to announce it?

Me also thinks not.

Do what you want.

jrd, you are the best. But I told you that yesterday (or the day before). Did anyone tell you today?

I think I just did. Again.

He's the man.