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I'm trying

I'm listening.. and AJ is very hard for me to listen to.. but them media is hard for me.. it's a lot of blah blah blah and "eye witness".. (vry liberal.. maybe that's why is creeps me out as it reminds me of the liberals screaming about trees or whatever.. that shril breathless panting reporting just too hard for me to hear..

so far AJ is loving the Dallas police nadsays the Sheriff didn't get the emmo.. that's what it seems to me.. AJ admits he provoked DHS.. a joke.. why?

Why do that? Is AJ there to make a point about his opening rant or there to tell jokes to DHS? deep sigh...

I guess it wasn't exciting enough?

AJ tells everyone to "be nice". Was there something happening that AJ though the people with him were not going to "be nice"?

AJ says he was suckered punched in the stomach.. so is he going to press charges? Let's see.... deep sigh

AJ is laughing because the feds looked like deamons? Ok. I wouldn't be laughing.

AJ was punched in the stomach.. has laughed and now decided he needs to fight? Back to being punched in the stomach.. onto a stoy about a homelss guy in CA...

deep sigh....

14 minutes AJ says first day no problem,, they worked WITH the police.. the permits went to court.. Judge says it needed to be opened.. AJ is dicing his story.. back to being punched in the stomach... and again AJ admits that he believes that the Sheriff's didn't get the memo.. sue. What's so hard.. he was punched in the stomach and Sheriff's didn't get the memoo.. so sue!

18 minutess. he talks about other law suits and NY losing.. so it's not like he doesn't know he can file a law suit.. so now I'm listening to see if he's going to file a law suit..

he says now Thank god nobody really got hurt.. deep sigh.. but he was punched in the stomach. AJ is coughing.. hope he's not getting sick from the cold rain..

The only other place her's seen this in NY? Maybe it's a good time to start having anniversaries of Kent State?

OK.. 24 minutes into this.. AJ admits that the only reason he showed up (beracuse he saiys he didn't want to) was because the city said no pamplet passing. And this is how AJ creativiely deals with it.. this is his protest..

Anthony G.. seems like a nice person, defends the interveiwer.. AJ is role playing which leads us to witness report by Lee Ann McAdoo.. says Dallas is the city of cover up (SF has Dallas beat!)

At this point, it's begiining to appear that AJ is seen as a "muckraker".. AJ wants to be targetted and they enjoyed targettting him, and the city of Dallas is going to support the Sherrif, even if the Sheriff had a mixed message..

AJ is interviewing the videotographer now, and he wants to know.. "What did they say about me?" This is what gets me.. it's about AJ. This isn't about rights.

Oh he can barf the word "rights", but he's much better staging a scene.

Okkk,, so now we have LeeAnn again, and she's telling us about the part of the event that ... do you have a vid of AJ up on the grassy knoll shouting, "No More Lies!"

I don't get.. if there is no one there.. why bother shouting "No more lies".. if there is no one there.. pedestrians? People leaving..

The guy speking at 36 mins asks about needing a permit. I don't recall a time in my life that I didn't need a permit to protest, unless it was someone else who pulled a permit.

now Rob Dew is ging his report.. nice how he and AJ have matchiung gloves :)

38 mins.. AJ says,, "maybe the football thing was the punch in the stomach"? Someone needs to tell Lee Ann Dallas has a female Sheriff.

This is torture listening to AJ... he's now walking,, and unless there is something in his broadcast you think I'm missing.. please let me know the time.. other than that.. Much ado about AJ.