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I'm very happy to see xtians find the thoughts of libertarianism.

I had a number of xtian friends at one time and even investigated the religion, but when these same people became gleeful at the deaths of a million innocent people in the Arab lands in return for the deaths of 3000 people in the US, I was so appalled I gave up on them. (An eye for an eye??) I mentioned that the wars might be related to oil and they said "well, I like cheap oil". It was then that I realized just how much relativism has invaded the religion. "Born Agains" say "Praise God" and then seem to do whatever they want since they believe their actions will be forgiven on Sunday. I don't know any "Born Agains" now. I'm sure I still know some xtians, but if they keep their religion to themselves, I don't care. I avoid proselytizing xtians like the plague.

The funny thing to me is how much like homosexuals proselytizing xtians actually are. Everything has to be "in your face". I expect to see "xtian pride" parades with funny little outfits at any moment. My wife is a papist, despite my teasing about perverts and cover-ups in the religion. We just avoid the subject mostly. I've only known one person in my life that lived her life according to her Christian beliefs. She's gone now, but I admire her still.

So has the DP turned against Xtians? I don't see it. I do wish Xtians would learn to just practice their faith quietly and let others practice their faith as they please. No one cares about your personal religious beliefs. If you need them to behave, I personally am happy you've found what you need in life. I have lived without organized religion my whole life and don't need it now. No one should care what I believe. If you think everyone has to believe what you believe for the sake of the country, you're very wrong.