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The important thing is...

Being able to opt out. P-R-O-T-E-C-T-I-O-N from.
We passed our Health Care Freedom amendment here in Ohio after a lot of effort, work, and shoe leather spent by a LOT of dedicated liberty minded patriot's to get it on the ballot by gathering over 400,000 signatures for one thing, then campaigning for it and spreading the word. We managed signatures and votes from both democrats and republicans alike and got it passed by a nearly 2/3 vote of THE PEOPLE. Even when the republican party did their best to link it to a failed SB5 anti union legislation (then ballot initiative) resurrection that was dead in the water from the get-go, and "they" knew it.
QUESTION. How in the heck can a supreme court decision override the WILL of We The People? My understanding of the constitution is that we are a government OF, BY, and FOR the people. There is no way that any branch of government should be able to rule over the will of the people. Ever.
Our Health care Freedom amendment passed in every county in the state of Ohio. Our protection from Obama Care "should" be guaranteed under the constitution.
But for anyone questioning may be a good idea to visit the site provided.