Comment: Given the timing of the illness

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Given the timing of the illness

relative to the flu shot and given the fact that even the CDC was involved and yet tests for all sorts of things turned up nothing, it's too bad the hospital didn't think to consult with House scriptwriters.

No, the writers wouldn't have had Foreman & Thirteen break into the family's house & search for a calendar or appointment book that might show where the young man had been recently. (Chandler - Flu shot for mission trip) It's not as if the boy entered the hospital in a coma, and his mother was there: as *standard operating procedure* the team would have INQUIRED as to his activities & whereabouts & contacts during (at least) the prior 24 hrs to indicate a POSSIBLE CAUSE for his mystery illness. The cute medical couple would only be snooping around the house if & when VACCINE COMPLICATION had been ruled out along with all other *obvious* potential connections.

Unless the mother's side of the story is missing key information, it seems so blatantly irresponsible on the part of the hospital, I have to believe that at least some doctors did know about the vaccine and for some reason chose not to look further into it.

The CDC recommends that all healthcare workers have the flu vaccine. Perhaps it's relevant to note that Intermountain Medical Center (part of the Intermountain Healthcare group) has a mandatory immunization program, incl. for seasonal influenza, for employees, volunteers, vendors, and other regular visitors.

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