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You "used to be a fire-breathing moronic Christian"?

And by this, perhaps you are reaping what you have sown? Surely you sowed some pretty bad stuff before you used that chemical vat you are pleased to call a brain.
And then there is this.. "I started using my brain and free'd myself from the tyranny of being a mindless, regurgitating clone-for-Christ."
When you 'chose' to use your brain, what made the choice? Wasn't it your brain? Or would that be your mind? Is there a difference? What is that difference?
Shouldn't you pity those still under bondage? Or is this pitiless because it is self imposed? What could possibly be wrong with self imposed tyranny? For that matter, what's wrong with tyranny? Is this preaching you do based on some higher law that we Christians are in violation of, but yet obligated too? Is so, where did this come from? Who has established this law and by what authority?

Or is this moral rant just some personal prejudice of your own, arising from the jabbering neurons in your bone box? If so, then who cares and so what?

A few questions for the awaken 'brain' (LOL!). We look forward to some answers.