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It seems that some have

Become anti-Ron Paul. Some if not many of the comments here don't seem very Ron Paul like, much less Jesus like! The word "Christian" was a derogatory term in the bible used by the Pharasees to describe the followers of Jesus Christ. It was used to mock, by saying "you Christians"! Jesus taught a new way, but never forced it on anyone! Isn't that the principle of liberty? I believe that Revelation 17 where it talks about the white prostitue riding on the red beast might just be speaking of "Christianity" as a religion, the very thing Christ came to abolish! If that's the case, the white prostitute (the bride of Christ) would be the church and the red beast would be the blood of Christ, portrayed as a religion called "Christianity". The only time Jesus ever even got mad was when He ran the merchants (corporations) out of the temple and over turned the tables of the money changers (bankers). Sounds like End The Fed to me! Sounds like we all want what Christ did, whether we believe He did it of not! I happen to believe He did, hence the fall of the Roman Empire and that it will happen again! I guess time will tell!