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Comment: I wanted to point something out with all these posts

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I wanted to point something out with all these posts

But I wasn't quite sure where to do it so I'm going to do it here because I know you will eventually read this.

But really quick a few other things first.
The reason whoever it was decided to leave (and came back the next day anyways) is irrelevant and I was going to look for the link, but I thought it didn’t really matter.

Yes, you told me I’m the best a few days ago and again today and it made me smile both times. Funny though I told my roommate that she was the best the other day and she laughed and said ‘j, you just told me that a few days ago.’ I said ‘I did? Oh, well…. It is important that you know that’ and she said ‘Sometimes I think you just think everyone is the best’ lol Which brings me to my comment in the ‘why do you stay at the dailypaul thread?’

I felt compelled to comment in that thread because as I have explained to you before it is actually out of character for me to hang out at an online place as much as I do here and for as long as I have here which I realize is not nearly as long as some of the seasoned vets. This is my comment in that thread. The 2nd paragraph explains the beginning of the jam session thread as the guy that told me to leave because I don’t belong here inspired me to remind him every day that I was here and I think I made myself heard quite nicely as the thread was unavoidable for months on end.

But the third paragraph is the truth. I just like these people and I can’t help it. That being said.... what I thought about pointing out a few times with all these dramatic posts is the following:

For being what I have come to understand is a group primarily composed of grown adult men, it can become all sorts of mellow dramatic around here sometimes. My current living situation is with 4 other girls my age ish. That makes 5 females in our mid to late 20s that share close living quarters, we work together in a very small school with 56 students and 4 classrooms, we commute to and from work together, we socialize together, we grocery shop together, we make lesson plan together, we travel together and so on and so forth. None of us knew each other before we got thrown into this situation. However, again…. For being 5 females in our mid to late 20s we manage to keep the drama and theatrics to a minimum. Why can’t these boys do the same? Like I said though, it did provide for some entertainment in which I was called a sock puppet or accused of having sock puppet accounts which I didn’t know what that meant so Chris had to explain it to me. It can be like a soap opera in here sometimes. And when people aren't being dramatic about leaving there are the occasional 'who downvoted me?!?!' comments and threads about being downvoted.... I once received a few downvotes for simply saying 'I love Judge Nap.' That was all there was to the comment. It got downvoted. I laughed. However some here take such things quite personally.

I have learned some really great things from the Dailypaul, and sometimes I email some of the articles I pick up here around to some of my friends, in fact someone from the DP sent me a really cool article a week or so ago about the tremors people feel as they near the age 30 which I had to share with another friend who is on the threshold with me. But I think if nothing else I have learned some internet terms such as the meaning of the word ‘stormfront’ and now ‘sockpuppet.’

I have also learned that these guys act like tough guys, but they are sensitive and I love them for that. It is endearing.

Hope all is well your way or as well as can be. Tell Samantha and May I say Hi.
Your Neonazi Stormfront Troll Sockpuppet friend who is about to go country hop the Asian continent for a week or 2 before I head back home and I will have right around a penny in my pocket and one suitcase in my hand.