Comment: Professing Christian Only!

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Professing Christian Only!

By your very words you show that you never were truly "Born Again"
by the Spirit of God ( I am sorry to say ), but only professed to be a follower of Christ who followed for a while, and then had fallen away as a great many have done throughout the ages.

I am NOT judging you, just explaining to others that there is a vast difference between calling yourself a "Christian" and truly living as one, it is your very words that judge yourself.

One who is truly Born Again of the Spirit of God could never be a "Used to be Christian" but presses on unto the very end, having their faith tried in the furnace of this life on earth.

Religion is of man and that is why there are so many divisions between the different so called "faiths".

That is also spoken of in the Scriptures as a sign of the very end time.

God is NOT the author of confusion.....satan is!

Peace everyone

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~