Comment: They fear because they have

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They fear because they have

They fear because they have become dependent on a world created for them by the fascist corporate/government apparatus. It is time for us to show them the new world we need to create. For many years we have carried to torch of Liberty through the darkest night. Even at times only but a small flame held secretively close to the heart amidst the tempest of brainwashed public opinion.

But we held this flame nonetheless so that when the time comes, and the people wake up to the false reality created before them, we may light the brushfire to spread all across the land. This country has been fragmented by those that seek to eternally divide and conquer but we of all walks of life are beginning to realize our common humanity that goes deeper than the fabricated political divides thrown between us.

A new political movement must form now. We tried changing the GOP and realized how fruitless that endeavor was. We need a new party in National Politics on the simple principles of:

Sound Money
Constitutional Government
Non-interventionist foreign policy
Repeal of all drug war laws and laws against industrial hemp

Americans must also again realize their civic responsibility that goes beyond voting for national politics although a new party will be an important banner to unite us. Ever in our rhetoric with those we encounter we must speak of:

States rights
State Nullification
Constitutional Sheriffs
Natural Rights
Jury Nullification

Liberty will be won from the ground up, not from national politics down. People are afraid of the problems they face but will be suckered again into more control by their fear, we must show them the SOLUTIONS for a world we want to create out of the ashes of curruption.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.