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While I was going through my routine, feeding the critters this morning, your post was in the back of my mind, and I had this thought: I see things from an "Educate yourself and others" perspective. Perhaps I shpould be thinking entertainment rather than education?

I could have posted: BUSTED: SHOCKING International Judge says American conspiracy about UN gun control is bogus!

Everything has it's purpose.. I think for me.. who was here long before many others, and aware of my personal changes.. as I never thought I would ever be a republican.. part of me feels accountable to DP because this is where I started.. this was the place that had the posts that convinced me that if I really wanted Ron Paul for president I needed to get in the GOP and fight.

I never really saw layers of liberty.. grassroots, astroturf, ground floor, suites, circles, boards, committees, PACs, Caucus.. I always thought of the rEVOlution in more organic form.. but now that I am a republican, and a state delegate, who absolutely will be a national delegate if Rand is nominated, and thus working on a state and embarking on the national level, where international law is a subject.. Being new to a major party, I meet people at the conventions who work internationally for global corporations. What's my position?

I'm learning.. Maybe someone on DP has an educated perspective to share? If you look on the dates of the thread.. apparently lawmanjed asked if I could sum it up because not everyone can make the time to watch.. he had an interest in international law.. as I do because I oppose the UN Agenda and I feel the need to understand what it is I am opposing from MY OWN PERSPECTIVE, my own voice, and maybe use other voices like Ron to back me? Maybe someone on DP has a link? You never know who happens to be on DP or who is interested in what.

I responded to lawmanjed, not to bump the thread. I don't bump my threads. Look at my posts if you don't believe me.. I make a post and no one sees it.. poof.. onward. It's like throwing out a $1K bill.. maybe someone will find it, maybe it will be burried by a cow taking a dump. Where ever it goes it goes and I'm not going to control it because I'm not interested in controlling it. I don't care if a cow takes a dump and I don't care that someone just got $1K.. I care that the someone and the cow are happy.

Some people come to dp to downvote. Now those downvotes may appear as a reflection on me because I'm collecting them.. however.. let's look at what I put up.. I put up a post of a UN Judge talking about International Law changing the world.

Why a downvote? just don't like international law.

Should I take that personally?

It has NOTHING to do with the content of what I posted.