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Hey 1controversialchick, I'm the one that wrote that.

Of course, a deer hunter doesn't deserve a bullet. Nor does an employee at a slaughter house deserve a knife.

I do not believe animals should have the same protections under the law as people. I believe they must be property as they are not sentient beings.

I would support state/local legislation punishing the unmitigated cruelty exhibited in this video and in other investigative endeavors that have been exposed in the past. Though I deem that inconsistent with libertarian jurisprudence.. it seems perfectly consistent with the constitution.

I would hope that the story being leaked could coincide with a nation wide boycott until the situation is rectified but that is another topic.

I'm not against the industrialization of the meat industry. Modern practices are from what I've seen far more humane (because of journalism such as this.)

For example, before most cattle are drained from the neck, they are stunned beforehand. Allowing them to forego the cruelty of having to endure having their throats slit consciously.

More on that here.

The exception being Ḥalāl and Kosher methods, which I find archaic and on the edge of unnecessary cruelty, but it is what it is.

Nor am I against the hunter taking a life.

In my opinion, it shows the animal respect. It shows life respect when it is ended without malice or the intent to inflict pain. The deer hunter which you referenced, frequently reveres the animal and is thankful for it.

But when you do the kinds of things shown in this video, you cross a clear boundary.

These men seemed gleeful seeing creatures in pain. That's the difference. And while I don't know all the answers, cruelty to any animal or human that cannot defend itself is on par with rape and should be viewed with the same disgust.

The point was illustrate my disgust with human beings engaging in such actions. It was not an indictment of people that eat meat or the people that bring it to the table.

I hope that explains the severity of my comment.