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No, this is not about trust. This is about hearing for myself.

"We" have translations from others who listen for themselves and then make some issue.. as the example I offered to PAF, I could have made a BIG DEAL, "BUSTED International Judge says American gun grab is a conspiracy!" But there's way more to this vid, and I am not able to make a 2 min clip of just that.. I think the way he discribes international law in important.. I was only able to understand so much.. I need to watch the vid again because there were a few issues he made later in the vid that I want to look into.

I don't give the UN a pass. I don't agree with the UN Agenda and see the affects locally, and I care very much which is why I am involved on the level I am involved in the GOP.. which, the only signs they read are $$$$ signs (and it appears this is the case for the UN ICC).

I did not post this vid to make a statement. I posted the vid as an educational opportuniuty to "meet" a UN judge. Do you know who they are? Maybe you don't care, but I do, and I hope others do too.