Comment: yes sir - drill all the way

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yes sir - drill all the way

It is a challenge to pull back our perspective and take a broad view of the control strategies being deployed all around us. This lock down is just a training exercise, drill, for the LEOs and the citizens.

There is post on the DP about the abuse of industrial meat plants. It is horrific how these animals are treated. We are only a level or two from being treated like these animals in the plants. We are already corralled, ID'd, tracked, and physically abused anytime an LEO feels we are not following orders.

I think it Russel Means who stated if we want to know what the future will look like just look at how the Indians were managed in the 20th century.

If we do not learn to say NO, loudly, often and damn soon we will be treated like animals in industrial meat processing plants. Seriously.


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