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You should

check more into mesh apps. You can get them now that let you hop across all WiFi devices with it installed, to get to anywhere this little network reaches. Soon or maybe already, I don't know, this hopping will happen on cell signals too, without a tower. In other words, each cell phone will talk to the next one and that to the next one, down the line. When that happens, every device connected in any TCP/IP compliant way to any device on all these mini networks, will be able to 'internet' to every other such one. That's the awesomeness of a protocol like TCP/IP. It sets the rules and doesn't care about the equipment.

As an example, it's estimated that over half a million WiFi device in NYC are running mesh software right now. If one can't get a signal, they can tap through any other meshed device and probably never know it.

For me, the best town-town system would be line of sight laser. It's hard to intercept a laser beam without the destination knowing.

Oh, and if you leave your wallet in public, your money can get stolen. Same for $ and BTC.